After Back Surgery

Back surgery should not be confused with just any other surgery. The number of nerves surrounding the spinal cord is much more per given area than in any other part of the human body. This apart, the spinal cord is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body and is one that connects the nerves of the brain to those at the bottom. Many people do not feel exactly comfortable after back surgery. There also are chances of feeling pain in the back after back surgery. This article will guide you a bit about what to do and what not to do after back surgery.

In case the patient is still suffering from continuous pain in the back or in the leg after he or she has undergone laminectomy or disectomy surgery, a total physical examination along with appropriate and special diagnostic imaging methods can help to pinpoint the cause of the pain after back surgery. There are certain other things that need to followed post surgery in the spinal region which assists to limit the formation of scar tissue over the spinal disc which has been operated on.

Though 90% of patients undergoing microdisectomy and lumbar laminectomy surgeries do not experience any post operative pains, the remaining 10% can experience after back surgery pains. As ay surgeon will reveal, surgery in the spinal region is a major surgery and rehabilitation plays a great part to help the patients get the maximum possible benefit from their surgery. Rehabilitation also helps to help the patients to avoid experiencing the pains of after back surgery.

A number of special physical therapies and also exercises will help the patients who have undergone surgery in the spinal region to recover from the same quickly and avoid the pains of after back surgery. Basically this can be though of as aligning and fine tuning the body after back surgery. It is the role of the physical therapist to ensure that the results of the spinal surgery are as positive as possible. To avoid complications after back surgery, the physical therapist with work along with the patient to help them get back into proper condition and also help them to heal their body after back surgery. It is the job of the physical therapist to manage the pain that the patient suffers after back surgery.

The first step that the therapist will take is controlling the pain that the patient suffers from post back surgery. The rehabilitation program will not be successful or rather shall not be possible to undertake at all if the patient is experiencing lots of pain. Though back pain is something that is generally associated with spinal surgery, there are certain means that the physical therapist can use in order to minimize it. The physical therapist will also teach the patient a number of exercises that they can do in their office or home. It is amazing to note that how simple activities like changing one's position can help reduce pain that the patient experiences after back surgery.

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